ashley's top 4 / what's in my bag / by Ashley Brown

top 4 favorite photography equipment.jpg

I am, and have always been, a minimalist when it comes to equipment and things that I use to run my business. Less is more, and after 12 years, I’ve nailed down my favorites (and they’ve been my favorites for pretty much those entire 12 years… I’m a creature of habit!). Although we do update and rotate out our equipment as it gets older, I am a firm believer that you DON’T need the latest and greatest gear to create beautiful, technically correct images… skill and practice will create those images. Here’s what you’ll always find in my bag!

canon 5d mark iv.jpg

no. 1 / canon 5D mark IV

We’ve always been Canon shooters, for no particular reason other than that is the equipment I learned on. Nikon is just fine! I change my camera body every few years depending on what’s new on the market, but this is my current body.

canon 2470.jpg

no 2. / canon 24-70 mm 2.8 lens

This thing is a workhorse and is truly old reliable in my bag… really, I’ve had this lens for a decade and it works just as well as the day I bought it! I love this lens for wide angle shots or tight spaces.

canon 50mm.jpg

no 3. / canon 50 mm 1.4 lens

This lens is a cult favorite for good reason, and I recommend the less expensive version (50 mm 1.8) to anyone looking for a great, every day lens. It’s lightweight, sharp and creates those beautiful, shallow depth of field images that we love so much.

canon macro.jpg

no 4. / canon 100 mm 2.8L macro lens

This is not an every day lens for me, but I love it for stock photography. It’s perfect for capturing those super close up detail shots.