ashley's top 4 / thoughts about photographing newborns / by Ashley Brown

top 4 lifestyle newborn session.jpg

If you’re expecting a new baby and embark on a Google search or social media crawl of local photographers, you’ll see, there’s quite a few different styles of newborn photography available to you. Let me preface this by saying, each style is beautiful and has it’s merits, and let’s face it, no one can resist getting a bit googly eyed at a brand new baby posed and perfected in the Anne Geddes style. If you browse through our portfolio or Instagram, you’ll see that, well… we don’t pose babies.

Let me back up a bit. Our style of newborn photography isn’t quite as simplistic as that. Here’s a little peak into our style of capturing these sweet new people.

smiling newborn pink blanket.jpg

no. 1 / we photograph babies at home

We are moms ourselves, and even though our babies aren’t babies anymore, we remember very vividly those first few weeks of their lives… you’re exhausted, you’re overwhelmed , and it can be a real challenge lugging your new baby and everything they need out of the house. We believe that newborn sessions are easiest and come with the least amount of stress when they take place in your own home. Trust me when I say, we’ve photographed new babies in homes of every type… from tiny apartments, to showcase worthy nurseries, it doesn’t matter where you live or how perfectly decorated your space is. When we arrive, we help you to determine spots with the best natural light and/or backdrops. Want to showcase the labor of love that is your baby’s room? Great! Just moved in and only have a corner of a barely furnished room to work with? No problem. We’ve got it!

newborn with brother and dog.jpg

no. 2 / we photograph babies with their own things

Another perk to photographing new babies at home (in addition to being able to incorporate their furry siblings… see above!) is being able to incorporate things of their very own. A generic stash of buckets and baskets can be super cute, but we prefer personalizing your session to your own family. Maybe you have a soft blanket hand knit by a relative, or a bassinet that’s been in your family for generations, but it’s certainly not limited to heirlooms! It could be those adorable patterned swaddles that coordinate with baby’s room, or the cozy glider where you spend those late night nursing sessions. You can rest assured that each and every image you create will be unique to your baby & your family.

newborn over moms shoulder.jpg

no. 3 / we work quickly

You’re supposed to be sleeping when the baby sleeps, right (or so the little old ladies in the grocery store like to tell you)? We know time is precious, and no new mom wants to spend 5 hours on their newborn session. Our 12 years of experience means we’ve gotten this thing that we do down to a science. We like to think of ourselves as swaddler masters, toddler sibling wranglers & baby whisperers wrapped up in one. Plus, our lifestyle approach means we follow baby’s lead and our sessions take a “go with the flow” trajectory. This means they are quick and to the point, all while capturing all of those perfect new baby images you’re looking for.

lifestyle newborn session family.jpg

no. 4 / we don’t pose babies

So many babies we meet have a signature pose that was visible even in utero, in their ultrasound pictures. Mom or dad will say that they always had their hands by their face or mentions how they always frog their legs. When you lay a sleepy, happy baby down on a bed, they pose themselves. Some of them love to be curled on their tummies, others stretch their arms above their head or curl their fingers under their chin. We love to capture newborn babies as the unique little people that they are. Their yawns, their sleepy smiles, their smoochable lips… we are firmly in the camp that new babies are sweet and perfect in their natural state, sans pretzel poses! We do employ the use of a swaddles and some light positioning, but over all, we abide by our natural, authentic approach. An added bonus… steering away from heavy posing means babies don’t have to be photographed within the first few days of life, but instead anytime in the first few weeks. Babies don’t expire!