ashley's top 4 / things to listen to while editing / by Ashley Brown


I have a lot of friends & colleagues who love to binge on Netflix, documentaries, etc. while they’re editing, but I am much more in the audiobook/podcast camp. I have a hard time darting between screens or I end up distracted and watching more than I’m working. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer or in the car driving to shoots, so I’m always on the lookout for good new listening material. Here’s my top 4 as of late… have any recommendations for me? I’d love to hear them!

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no 3. / fall and rise, the story of 9/11 by Mitchell zuckoff

This is my most recent listen and boy was a good (but heavy) one. Mitchell Zuckoff is a prize winning journalist from the Boston Globe and if you appreciate a very journalistic story of writing and masterful storytelling, this is a must read.

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no 2. / dreamland by sam quinones

I am a diehard non-fiction fan, and I especially love books about social science. Sam Quinones’ perspective into the opiate crisis in our country.

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no 3. / ill be gone in the dark by michelle mcnamara

I’ve been slow to come around to the murder genre of TV shows and books, but this book sucked me in. Michelle’s hyper focused passion was captivating, and I love that this book and her research was finished despite her untimely death.

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no 4. / the metabolic experience podcast

I love Metabolic! It’s my gym, and a corporate client of ours, and just a fantastic organization all around. I love the fitness tips that they give on this podcast, as well as some really great business advice and insight from founder Matt Phelps… someone I truly admire as a business owner.