Long gone are the days of awkward school photos, where funny expressions and stiff postures abound. We believe that all families deserve beautiful, classic images that capture their child to a "t", and that school portraits are a great way to achieve this. Our school portraits are different. Instead of a "sit and smile" set up in front of dated backdrops and bulky studio lights, we use natural light and simple outdoor environments. This set up creates fresh, true to life images that focus on all of those little details and little personalities. Parents love that their child's school portraits are versatile, usable and provide them with a representation of exactly who they were at this age... no more having to purchase so-so (at best) images because they feel obligated!

Our school portrait days are available for daycares (from infant on up), preschools and small, private elementary school programs.

how they work

Our school portrait days are quick, easy and streamlined. Our goal is to make the process as seamless and fun as possible for students and staff alike! We offer two unique school portrait styles:


  • Takes place inside the school, using natural light, on a light neutral backdrop with a white chair
  • Resulting images are classic & timeless portraits
  • No need to factor an alternative date for cold weather or rain



  • Takes place outside on school grounds, using natural light, a white chair, and either greenery or architecture as the background
  • Resulting images are bright, fresh & modern
  • An alternative date is necessary to account for cold weather or rain

before school portrait day

School portrait days are held in April/May and September/October. We will work with you to coordinate a time frame that is best for your school schedule, as well as if we will be shooting on one day or two (typical flow for a school of 80-100 students is two mornings, for about 2 hours each day, but this will be unique to each school). We'll also chat with you about where on the school grounds the pictures will take place, and schedule a time to come by to scope things out if necessary. Don't worry if your school doesn't have pristine, park-like grounds. Our portraits focus on the child, not the background, and we can make any and all set ups work! If shooting indoors on a neutral backdrop, we simply need a clear area in a hallway or classroom where natural light is ample. One or two photographers will be on site, depending on the amount of students, and we aim to provide 2-3 unique images per child. Our default class photo option is a collage containing individual images of each child, but a group class photo can be substituted upon request for outdoor portrait days only.

after school portrait day

After the day is done, it typically takes us about two weeks to get all of the images processed and prepared for families. Ordering takes place online in our user friendly and convenient system. Families will have the opportunity to view their images from their computer or mobile device, share with family & friends, mark their favorites, and securely place and pay for their order. Families who order digital images will be able to download them immediately from our website upon placing their order. The ordering gallery will remain available for (1) week, at which time all orders must be placed. We can also offer a printed proof/order form option for schools who wish to go this route vs. online ordering; please ask us for details. Remember, we never require orders, pre-orders or otherwise.

We offer (1) reshoot date, to be scheduled within a few days of the original date. This is intended for students who were absent or students who were unable to be photographed the day of for any variety of reasons, at the photographer's discretion (not feeling themselves, unable to get good expressions, etc.). Because orders are never required, we do not offer retakes for families unhappy with their images. Rest assured we will spend plenty of time with each child to guarantee great shots, and carefully select children to attend the reshoot date if we do not feel we captured what we needed to on the first try.


We have structured our pricing to be competitive and flexible. We do not believe in requiring families to pre-order images, and instead allow them to view their images before placing an order. We do not require any sort of minimum order, and instead of pre-set packages that always seem to fall short of exactly what a family needs, we offer quantity discounts on orders.

  • High resolution digital images (fully edited & ready to print... our most popular option!) range from $15 for one image, to $30 for all images (typically 2-3 images per child).
  • Prints range from $5.00 for a 4x6 print to $12.00 for an 8x10 print.
  • Class photos (5x7) available for $5.00 a la carte or complimentary with the full set of digital images.
  • Quantity discounts of 10% off orders $25.00 +, 15% off orders $40.00 +.

what you can expect from us

We are committed to making your school portrait day a smooth and easy event for your school. To do so, you can expect that we will:

  • Guide you throughout the process, from setting a date to finalizing the schedule
  • Provide you with information to distribute to parents prior to school portrait day
  • Ensure that the day runs quickly and efficiently, with happy students and happy staff at the end!
  • Provide a beautiful selection of images for each child, as well as staff members
  • Provide a simple and intuitive method of ordering for all families (online or paper)
  • Provide affordable and flexible pricing options; families have the option to purchase prints and digital images a la carte, or choose from several collections that include various prints and digital images. Images can be mixed and matched for the utmost amount of variety. All collections include a class photo or collage.
  • Answer questions from families and staff in a timely manner, and meet or exceed our set timeline

what we expect from you

You know your school and the families in your school best, and we will need your assistance and dedication. For a successful school portrait day, we expect that you will:

  • Receive the necessary approvals and support from principals and all decision-makers involved, to ensure they are committed to supporting the school portrait day
  • Distribute all information, order packets and orders to families in a timely manner
  • Appoint one point of contact to work with us throughout the process
  • Openly communicate any questions or concerns from the school or families
  • Schedule the flow of the day and ensure that the day progresses according to schedule
  • Schedule reshoot day, as needed

ready to book?

Great! We are excited to work with your school and its families. Please contact us to start coordinating details and a date. We offer a limited number of school portrait days each year, and only on set months, so its important to solidify your school's spot in our roster as early as possible. The success of your school portrait day depends on it being the perfect fit for your school, so please keep in mind that we're always happy to tweak the structure to fit our needs and the needs of your families. We're happy to chat and help structure the ideal fundraiser for your school. We look forward to working with you soon!