school portrait day
welcome guide


We are so looking forward to working with you and your student to creating beautiful, timeless images for your school portraits this year! Please read through the information below to better understand the process.



helpful tools to get you started

  • Welcome guide (what you are reading right now!)

  • School portrait day agreement

  • Personalized school portrait day webpage

  • PDF flyer to print and distribute electronically

  • PDF school portrait day reminder

  • PDF model release


A phone consultation is the best way for us to get started! We will gauge and determine the best date, timeframe and general details of the day based on your school’s needs, number of students, etc. Depending on the size of your student population, we will schedule (1) or (2) school portrait days. These typically take place in the morning, when the kids are fresh (i.e. a 9am-12pm timeframe). We will also determine a reshoot/makeup date.

At this time, we will also schedule a day for a site visit. Site visits allow us to scope out school grounds and pick the best spot for photos. Typically, this spot is one that is easily accessible, protected from the elements, and a space that incorporates greenery, brick or another pleasing backdrop. For the indoor rain location, we’ll need to select a spot that allows us to set up our fresh, modern white backdrop facing toward window light. The cafeteria, lobby or other room with ample natural light often works well.

Once the details are ironed out, we will provide you with a custom page on our website as well as a flyer optimized for both printing and sending home in backpacks, as well as sharing digitally via email, your school’s social media channels, etc. The flyer and website will give parents all of the info they’ll need in advance of school portrait day. We will also provide to you a school portrait day reminder to distribute in paper/electronic formats a few days prior.

day of

We strive to create a school portrait day that is simple, smooth running, and easy for all students and staff. We’ll arrive before the start time to set up (either outdoors or our indoor rain location) with 1-2 photographers, depending on the amount of students at your school. The flow of the day will be determined by you and what works best for the way your school operates, but we typically suggest bringing one class of students at a time. Our extensive years of experience photographing kids means we work quickly! Once we do a quick spot check for out of place hair, messy faces, etc., it usually takes about a minute or two per child to capture what we need. We’ll discuss with you before school portrait day to determine whether staff photos will be taken with their respective classes or separately, and if you wish to have a class group photo or class collage, comprised of each individual student’s photos. Please note that if our rain option is put into place, only a class collage is available.


The easiest part of the whole process is the “after” part, as we take care of it all! We carefully review all of the images from the day and select the best 2-3 images of each child. Images receive our basic edit (color correction, cropping, and basic skin retouching such as a mosquito bites, bruises, crumbs, etc.). Our light, bright and classic style is integral to who we are, and we make sure that all images ordered receive a perfected final touch. 2-3 weeks after school portrait day, we’ll provide you with a PDF “your photos are ready!” flyer to print and share electronically with parents. This flyer will direct them to our user friendly, password protected online proofing gallery.

This online proofing and ordering system makes the process of reviewing, selecting and ordering images quick and simple. There are no paper proofs or order forms to get lost or crumpled, no cash or checks to handle… everything is done in on our easy, one stop shop website. Parents will be able to review their child(ren)’s images as well as the pricing and products that we offer, place their order, and securely pay online. They will have (1) week to do so before the online ordering gallery expires. Parents who do not have internet/computer access or otherwise are unable to order online may request a paper proof/order form.

Parents who order digital images will be able to instantly download their ordered images (a parent-preferred option!). Print orders will be delivered to school for distribution within 2-3 weeks of the ordering deadline.

Your school will receive a complete digital download with all student, staff and school digital images for yearbook and promotional purposes.

how school portrait days work


We work diligently to ensure that our school portrait days are a high value, low maintenance event for your school. From start to finish, we recommend the following as a timeline of events for a successful portrait day. Exact dates (when applicable) will be provided to you.

  • 6-8 weeks prior: Send a “save the date” announcement made via your social media outlets, emails, newsletter (optional, but with families' busy schedules, we find this is helpful!).

  • 6-8 weeks prior: Site visit

  • 3-4 weeks prior: Print and electronically share “school portrait day info” and “model release”

  • 3-5 days prior: Print and electronically share “school portrait day reminder”

  • 1 day prior: Determination made on if we’ll be shooting outdoors or using the rain option


  • ~2-3 weeks after: Print and electronically share “your portraits are ready” flyer to direct parents to view and order their images online

  • ~2-3 weeks after: Reshoot/makeup day

  • 1 week after galleries sent out: Order deadline

  • ~2-3 weeks after order deadline: Print & product orders delivered to school for distribution

  • ~4 weeks after order deadline: 10% profit kickback sent to school

what you can expect from us

We are committed to making your school portrait day a smooth, easy, and financially beneficial event for your school. To do so, you can expect that we will provide:

  • Guidance throughout the process, from setting a date to finalizing the session schedule

  • Support for your school in publicizing the event, through customize flyers or information sheets for widespread exposure

  • An exceptional, successful experience for each student and family on portrait day and beyond

  • Friendly, personable, experienced photographers who excel with working with children in short periods of time

  • High quality images that embody our light, bright and classic style

  • Easy, secure viewing & ordering of images via our online gallery system within 2-3 weeks of portrait day

  • Timely responses to families' questions about ordering

  • Instant delivery of digital images and delivery of prints/products within (3) weeks of order deadline

  • Secure, hassle free payment via our online ordering system

  • Delivery of the percentage of sales to your school via check within (4) weeks of order deadline

what we need from you

In turn, we ask that your school:

  • Trusts our expertise in selecting the best outdoor and indoor rain option based on our experience with lighting and backdrops

  • Provides a representative (PTA/PTO, administrator, etc.) to remain with our photographers for the duration of the event

  • Provides class lists and assist with accurately tracking and organizing students

  • Distribute and collect model releases

  • Helps the day flows in a timely fashion by scheduling classes back to back (we’ll assist you in formulating the best schedule for the day) and ensuring that each class arrives in a timely, orderly fashion

  • Distributes all paper/electronic communication provided by us to parents on the dates we suggest

  • Relay questions or concerns from parents so that we may address them quickly

  • Coordinate and organize children for the makeup/reshoot date

  • Distributes orders once they arrive



All packages include a complimentary 5x7 class photo/collage. Images can be mixed & matched.

1 - $20 (a $22 value)

  • (8) Wallets

  • (1) 5x7

2 - $25 (a $44 value)

  • (8) Wallets

  • (2) 5x7

  • (1) 8x10

3 - $35 (a $68 value)

  • (16) Wallets

  • (2) 4x6

  • (2) 5x7

  • (1) 8x10

4 - $50 (a $92 value)

  • (16) Wallets

  • (4) 4x6

  • (2) 5x7

  • (2) 8x10

a la carte

  • Wallets (8) - $14

  • 4x6 - $5

  • 5x7 - $8

  • 8x10 - $14

  • 11x14 - $20

  • Class photo/collage (5x7) - $8

digital images

Digital images are provided to parents as an instant digital download via our online gallery system.

(1) image  - $15

All images (single child)- $35

All Images for 2 or more children (siblings) - $60

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at at anytime. We look forward to working with your school!

Ashley & Kristen