In 2012, we launched our school fundraiser program for local private & public schools. We had heard many times that parents and PTA/PTO members spend so much time on fundraisers that don’t always bring in adequate revenue for the school. Similarly, we know that many schools have been seeking something different than the “same old” fundraising campaigns. The popularity of this program and the wonderful feedback we received over the years encouraged us to expand our fundraising opportunities to not only schools, but also any non-profit organizations, sports teams, dance teams, etc. who are looking for a unique, sought after way to raise money for their cause.

why portrait fundraisers?

  • Portrait fundraisers are unique, easy and appealing for organizations and families alike. They are a well appreciated departure from run of the mill opposed to magazine subscriptions or cookie dough, the products families walk away with are portraits that will last a lifetime.

  • While custom portraiture is becoming more readily available, many families either do not have the time or extra funds to book an independent session. Family portrait fundraisers allow families to obtain the classic yet fresh images that they desire, while at the same time supporting their school or organization

  • Our fundraisers require a very minimal time investment from the PTA/PTO or organization. We provide step by step guidance on promoting and advertising the fundraiser, and then we take care of the rest, from booking to ordering.

  • Price points that are steeply reduced from our normals rates, as well as no minimum orders, allow families to order exactly what they want and what fits their budget.

  • Fundraiser days, which accommodate multiple families at a neutral, seasonal location, do not require a minimum number of families to participate. This makes it possible for all schools, teams and organizations, regardless of size or fundraising abilities, to participate.

interested in a fundraiser for your school, team or organization?

We'd love to connect with you about how our fundraising program can work for you. Please contact us for more information. Fundraisers are held year round, but fill quickly!