the unportrait project

by ashleybrown

what are unportrait sessions?

Your child, as art. A naturally lit, white background. Stripped down & back to basics. Simple & modern. Editorial. Emphasis on detail and what makes your child unique. Personality, not posed. Clean, not cluttered.

Our unportait project was created as a way to capture children in their most natural and fleeting state, all while supporting a cause near and dear to our hearts - The Massry Family Children's Emergency Center at Albany Medical Center. Since it's inception in winter 2018, it has raised $3600 for the emergency center... and counting!

who are they for?

Unportrait sessions are perfect for all ages, from babies with burgeoning personalities and chubby details, to teenagers on the brink of adulthood. Babies must be sitting independently or able to push up on their arms while on their belly. Up to 2 siblings may share one time slot & split the images, though we highly recommend only doing this option if your kiddos are quick to warm up.

when & where?

Our next unportrait project dates are Sunday, January 27 and Sunday, February 3, 2019. These sessions are held at the Dance Department in Clifton Park.