fundraiser survey

Thank you for participating in our school fundraiser program! We truly enjoyed working with your school and creating beautiful images for your families. We know that participating in a PTA/PTO is a lot of work, and there are many fundraising options available to you. The efforts you put into making the day a success are greatly appreciated! We are always open to your thoughts and reviews, and kindly ask you to take a few moments to complete a fundraiser survey. Your candid feedback is crucial to helping us fine tune our program going forward. Thank you!

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When did your fundraiser take place?
When did your fundraiser take place?
The fundraiser was easy to promote & manage, with minimal effort from the PTA/PTO as compared to other fundraisers.
We found the materials provided (website, flyer, etc.) to be clear & concise.
We found the price points for the session fee, digital images & prints to be fair & appropriate.
We were pleased with the amount of families that participated.
We were pleased with the amount of income that the fundraiser generated.
We found the Ashley Brown team to be helpful & communicative during the planning and after portion of the fundraiser.
We found that the day of the fundraiser ran smoothly, and that Ashley and/or Kristen were easy to work with.
We heard positive feedback from families regarding their images, cost, and other aspects of the fundraiser.
Would you be interested in another fundraiser next year?