fundraising booking tips & strategies

We find that the best way to drum up a large amount of bookings is by sending a flyer in advance of our targeted launch date. Whether you have yet to do so, or if you're looking to bring in a few more last minute bookings, here is a check list of ideas to review.

REMEMBER... if you fill the maximum number of time slots (15), your PTA/PTO will receive a gift certificate for a complimentary mini session (worth $300) to either give away at an auction/event, or donate to a deserving staff member or student family.

  • TAKE HOME FOLDERS: Distribute flyers at least twice (recommended once before launch, once a week or two after)
  • EMAIL BLASTS: Send 1-2 email blasts, if your school has a school-wide email system
  • FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM: Social media is a great way to get in touch with your school's families. Unfortunately, Facebook's algorithms for pages can be tricky, and often times your posts will only be seen by a fraction of the people who like your page. To combat this, we recommend sharing often, both on the school/PTA and on the personal pages of any PTA members, as well as tagging those who may be interested. A great way to bring a large amount of interest to your post is to giveaway a fundraiser session if the participants like and share your post.
  • PTA MEMBERS: Your fellow PTA members are the best way to help promote the fundraiser. Ask that each member reaches out to their personal contacts at the school, as well as their friends & family outside of the school (as needed), and share on their own Facebook pages.
  • FLYERS: Put flyers everywhere that you can! A great spot is near the sign in/sign out sheet in the school office, as well as at any PTA meetings, school events, or highly trafficked areas. If necessary, have a PTA rep hand them out personally at pick up/drop off or at an event. If you think a poster to hang in a high trafficked area would be valuable, just let us know! We're happy to provide this.
  • STAFF MEMBERS/TEACHERS: Staff members are another great resource. Reach out to those you know personally, and leave information in the teacher's lounge or distribute in any email/Facebook groups
  • OUTSIDE FAMILIES: Giving school families/staff first dibs on sessions is a great idea. Once a few days have passed from the fundraiser launch, we highly recommend that you reach out to personal friends, family, neighbors, and others that you know through sports and activities, to promote the fundraiser. This is a really helpful way to fill up any remaining spots.