willpower / by Ashley Brown

9 months ago, I was blessed to meet a wonderful little man by the name of Will. Will was almost 7 months old... a beautiful, beautiful baby. Instead of growing and learning and thriving at home with his two older brothers and his mom and dad, Will was at Albany Med fighting the brave fight against cancer. I wish I had gotten to meet Will under different circumstances, but nevertheless consider the few hours I spent with his family some of the most poignant of my life. It's been 9 months since Will grew his wings. I was thrilled when his amazing mama contacted me to do a session. Seeing them again was just wonderful, as I've been keeping up with them via their website, and all of the awesome things they and the Brave Will Foundation have done in less than a year. We held the session at the cemetery where Will is buried. Your initial thought may be that it's a strange place for a session, but Will's family wanted him to be a part of the session at where. The cemetery was such a peaceful place, with rolling hills and forest, and Will had ordered up a gorgeous 65 degree day. It couldn't have been more perfect.

This image goes right to my heart. The love between this family is SO strong, and I think you can really feel Will in it.


Ben & Max. Two total sweethearts! How cute are their outfits and hats?



Please head over to bravewill.com to read all about this little boy, his legacy, his family and his cause. And support the foundation in any way you can! Dad Matt wrote letters to Will during his battle which have since been published in a book (for sale at the website). They are also holding a benefit at Panza's Restaurant on November 18th, so go check it out!

Will, you are a constant reminder of what is good and right in the world, that love is powerful medicine, and that life is a gift to be treasured every day.