what i've been up to / by Ashley Brown

Spring is in full swing! I love shooting in April and May, when the cherry blossoms and tulips are blooming, and everything is green and new. And, of course, I always have a renewed appreciation for working outdoors after being cooped up all winter! In addition to my sessions, I've been busy with a couple other projects lately...

1) Zola Kids. Have you been there yet? If not... WHY?! This store is simply amazing. I can't keep my hands (and drool) off of all of the beautiful clothing and toys in the place. And the best part is knowing that everything is eco-friendly, organic, recycled, etc. One of my favorite things they carry is a line of stuffed animals called Fuzz That Wuzz. They are made out of recycled plastic bottles, and you'd never know it. Zola Kids and I have some cool things in the work for the coming weeks that I can't wait for! In the meantime, I popped in a few days ago to take some shots of the store to show you just how cool is it. Check it out!

2) We're growing!! I am so (SO!) excited to announce that in addition to Jillian, my wonderful assistant, someone else will soon be joining us. She is super talented, sweet and just the whole package, so stay tuned in the next few weeks to find out more about her and what she'll be doing. It can't even tell you how grateful and blessed I am to have clients like you, who have supported me for 3 years and allow us to continue to service them. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 3) I know you come here to see some precious little faces, so I oblige!