what i've been doing / by Ashley Brown

Every year, during the super busy fall, I always get this grand idea that January will be a super relaxing "vacation" of sorts... and every year, it never happens! I certainly don't mind though. This month I've been working super hard on lots of new ideas for ABP in the new year (I've had some help from the amazing, brilliant Lizzie Sorensen!) I've also been photographing a slew of beautiful babies... blog posts to come! I'm in the midst of lots of session editing, but came across a really fun website, and I thought it would be a neat way for my blog readers/clients/anyone to submit some questions. They don't have to be photography related, but I love to talk about what I love to do! And it's anonymous... so ask away! http://www.formspring.me/ashleybrownkids

I'll leave one with one piece of recent adorableness to tide you over.


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