warmth / by Ashley Brown

What can I say about this session? Well first of all, it was rescheduled not one, but twice, due to weather. The M. family wanted to have it at the gorgeous farm in Ballston Spa that I use, and reeeeally wanted it at sunset. The farm is absolutely ethereal in the evening light, so I'm so glad that we waited for that perfect day. The results couldn't have been better. I know that I always say I can't narrow down my favorites. This time, I really can't. That's why I am making it a featured session! You can view the whole (short&sweet) session by clicking here, but here are some previews in the meantime.




And my very favorite. I processed this image a bit differently than I normally do, but I think it works. All of the elements really came together... the cows, the pitchfork, the blue jeans!


This farm is an exclusive ABP location, and is a working dairy farm with cows (as you can see!) silos, barns, and big rolling fields. It's going to be SO cool in the fall, so keep it in mind for your upcoming sessions!