tutu cute - malta, ny children's photographer / by Ashley Brown

I was so excited when the M. family contacted me... not only because I've worked with them before and they are one of my favorite families, but because the mama mentioned that she had ordered some tutus. I knew from the get go that they would be PERFECT for this session. Boy was I right! H. and K.'s dark complexion, eyes and hair were perfect for the fluffy pink tutus. I'm really thinking I need to purchase some for my arsenal. I can picture all of the little girl babies and toddlers I photograph in them!

Miss H...


And little K. Or should I say, not so little. When I photograph K. as a newborn, she was a teeny 6 pounds. Now she is 18 pounds of chunky love.


I just had to share this image as it is quite possibly one of my favorite mother and child images in a long time! The lighting, the pigtails, the pearls... LOVE it!!


Now don't take this as tooting my own horn, but rather the collective horn of ALL custom children's photographers. We had intended on starting this session at the M.'s house and then moving to the Children's Museum for some fun images. Any parent can vouch for the fact that babies and toddlers have their own schedule, and forcing them to do something... well, it doesn't always turn out too well. K. was hungry and H. was tired, so instead of rushing and ending up with mediocre images, we decided I'd come back in a few days to finish the session. The flexibility of a photographer who works with children and understands that not every day is an "on" day is such a nice benefit... and it isn't something you can get from chain store studios!