Tuesday's giveaway! / by Ashley Brown

So my inbox was bombarded yesterday with entries for the Babylegs. Not that I can blame them... they are too adorable. Today's giveaway is just as cool, and totally ingenious...


The Chalkmat from Sam and Bellie!I think any parent who has ever travelled or went out to eat with a small child could vouch for the value of this product. One side is a placemat and the other, a chalkboard. Making it even cooler is the fact that Sam and Bellie creates creative learning products for kids that are also environmentally friendly and don't contain lead, PVC or harmful materials. Check them out at samandbellie.com.

To enter, email me at ashley@ashleybrownphotography.com with "Chalkmat" in the subject line. The winner will be chosen at random tonight. Good luck! Congrats Nicole!