tiptoe through the tulips, part II - albany, ny photographer / by Ashley Brown

I hope that all of the wonderful moms who read my blog are having a wonderful Mother's Day. My job allows me to get so close to the families I photograph. I love to observe the relationships between mother and child... whether it be a mama bonding with her newborn baby, or teaching the workings of the world to her toddler, or loving her elementary-aged child while still giving them room to learn and grow. I'm so blessed to have the best mom I could ever ask for (I know you read this, mom, so hi, and I love you!) and I can only hope that I'm as great of a mom to my kids as she is to me.  I promised I'd be back to share with you some more shots from last weekend's sessions at Washington Park. I'm behind on blogging, so expect several more posts in the next few days!

The C. family was my very first "real" client two years ago, before A. was even born. Since that point, I've gotten to photograph their family many times and I never tire of it!

P. has always been super shy (just like I was at his age). I was surprised to see that he has suddenly burst out of his shell! 


And his sweet little sister, A. I love her babyfine, white blonde hair.


I also got to see another C. family, who is also a longtime client for mine. I've said it a million times, but the BEST part of my job is getting to see these little ones grow. I love when they arrive and I can tell that the kids recognize me, and even better, are excited to see me.


Love this! To me, this image just screams SPRING.



So great to see all of you again! Your slideshows should be ready by this evening!