three little beauties - albany, ny photographer / by Ashley Brown

I keep forgetting to blog this session, which is just terrible... because this family is simply stunning. I may be a bit biased, as it is my cousin's family! I don't get to photograph family too often, but they came all the way up from Raleigh for my bridal shower, so I HAD to fit them in! It gave me a chance to hang out with them as well, which I really enjoyed. The two oldest girls are getting so big, and I've only met baby A. ONCE! They are all so sweet and well behaved. I really could have photographed them all day. O., who I swear I was just holding as a newborn, but somehow is now 6 years old.


I love S.'s missing teeth. Unfortunately they came during a run in with the swingset, but they are cute nevertheless.


And baby A. So stinking adorable.


The entire beautiful family. I can only hope (PRAY!) that I have some of those genes that allowed my cousin to be that thin after having three babies!


Hopefully the next time I see them, it will be in beautiful, warm Raleigh!