the great protectors / by Ashley Brown

Most often when I photograph a newborn with siblings, the brother(s) or sister(s) are pretty young. So, its a treat for me when I get to meet work with some older children. They are usually so attentive, loving and protective of the newest member of the family, and Andrew and Ryan were no exception. I could tell right off the bat that they are such sweet boys in general, but it turned me to mush when I saw how wonderful they were with Johanna. It wouldn't be unheard of for boys of their age to be uneasy around a teeny newborn, but they were total naturals and couldn't get enough of holding her, kissing her, and making sure her little feet were warm. It's safe to say that this little lady will forever be under the watchful eyes of her brothers! I loved the images from this session in color as well, but the black and white really spoke to me. I know Johanna will cherish these shots when she gets older!