The final giveaway! / by Ashley Brown

I am sad to say that this is the last giveaway this week. But, don't fret... I really enjoyed it, and I'm sure there will be another giveaway week in the future! I especially love introducing my clients to other local small businesses that their children can enjoy as well. Today's giveaway is (my personal favorite :) )...

If you are expecting, be sure to throw your name in for this. If not, the Brand New Plan makes a WONDERFUL gift for a friend or family member who is pregnant. This does not need to be entered by the winner, and can be gifted to someone else, so if you do know a mama-to-be, send me an email... she will love you for it!

To enter, email me at with "Brand New" in the subject line. I will pick a winner on Sunday night. GOOD LUCK! Congratulations Lori!!