The B.'s / by Ashley Brown

One of the best locations for your family portraits is a place that means something to you... it adds even more of a personal and meaningful touch to your images. In the case of the B. family (and many of my other clients) it was the spot where they got married. We met up this weekend at Shaker Ridge Country Club, where ironically enough, I used to work! Shaker Ridge has a huge, wide open foyer that is just perfect for portraits... flooded with light, awesome furniture, a stone fireplace... and the management was kind enough to let us sneak in for some shots.

Big brother B. was one handsome guy. I mean HANDSOME... this guy is going to be a heartbreaker in a few years, mark my words...



I heard a rumor that Baby B. was walking, but I didn't believe it. The vast majority of one year old's I photograph usually aren't yet, and B. is only 10 months old. To my surprise, he was not only walking, but walking fast. And talk about one happy guy. I don't think I could have coaxed out a pensive look if I tried!



These guy's mama is REALLY excited to see these, especially the family images, so I want to keep them a secret till the slideshow reveal. Ok, I guess I can show just one (a FAVORITE!)...


There's plenty more where this came from, B. family... I will be in touch very soon!!