the big stuff / by Ashley Brown

Being a mama changes everything: you stop sweating the small stuff like dusty furniture and a few remaining things on the day’s ‘to-do’ list. But you also start sweating the small stuff--such as the teeny scraps on a baby’s knee, or an extra long hiccup-session. The small stuff changes--but only because of a difference in what a mama’s ‘big stuff’ is. A perfect example: the adorable children who could not kiss and hug and love their mamas enough during this year’s mamahood sessions. From the purely classic styles (you can’t go wrong with seersucker pants and baby-doll dresses) to the honest and true expressions in every image, these mama’s were the epitome of  what these sessions were all about: the big stuff. I was thrilled to see Rhiannon, just six months after meeting her initially. She is cautiously playful, and a delight to photograph!



It was a toss up between the level of energy and mama-devotion for the handsome O. boys. Classic navy and seersucker...delicious!



Watching the R. family grow in size has been so much fun over the past year! I just love the way Mason does his ‘laugh-smile’ that perfectly displays his vibrant personality. And Emma is in the running for happiest baby of the year--the giggles were endless!



Then there is Brady and AJ--one coy, the other highly social--yet they played off of each other’s personalities like only brothers can do!


Thanks for the joy of capturing your worlds, mamas!

- Kristen