Sweet little boys. / by Ashley Brown

I just got home from voting and fulfilling my civic duty... did you?! No matter what the outcome, this is such an exciting election!

This was, of course, a very very busy weekend for me. All of these rainy days in October have caused me to be way overbooked. Luckily the weather was beautiful. My fingers are crossed for some snowless days for the remainder of the month!

I've been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to photograph P. ever since his doting uncle contacted me soon after his birth. P. is now 7.5 months old and a handsome, curious little guy... not to mention LOVED! You should have seen all of his Halloween cards and presents from friends and family. He's also got two very sweet and loving mamas to shower him with affection!



As typical of one year olds, J. was a HAPPY boy... smiles all around. I loved his preppy outfit. An adorable button down and khakis is definitely my outfit of choice for a little guy! I have a feeling J. will be an athlete when he grows up. Dad's a golf pro and mom is a former equestrian... I think it's in his blood!



Stay tuned for some more sneak peeks!