sunset - saratoga, ny photographer / by Ashley Brown

One of my very good friends, Erin Bell, is a super talented children's photographer down in Connecticut. She will soon be splitting her time between CT and Austin, TX, so if you have any friends or family in those areas, definitely pass on her info...! Anyway, Erin recently posted about a sunset family session on her blog, and I immediately called her up and asked if I could share it with my clients. The golden light of sunset truly is the prime time for a portrait session, especially in the summer months. I love the casualness of the picnic blanket, watermelon and long grass. I plan on doing several evening sessions in the coming months, but wanted to give you a sneak peek of how gorgeous sunset light is.

Only at this time of day can you get this ethereal, hazy backlighting and sunflare...




Thanks, Erin, for letting me share your beautiful work. Clients, if these intrigue you, be sure to request an evening session (~1 hr. before sundown!)