sugar & spice / by Ashley Brown

These past few days, I've been hit with a barrage of little girls. Since they are all so darn cute, I couldn't decide who to blog this morning. Simple solution? Blog them all! First up is Amelia, who melts my heart with those gorgeous curls. Since I last photographed her last year, she is walking and talking up a storm!



Then I got to meet spunky little Abigail as part of my "Celebrating Mamahood" sessions. She is the cousin of some of my longtime clients, and I loved seeing the resemblance in those big brown eyes!



Last but certainly not least was 6 month old Teagan. She is just heading into my favorite age range (6-9 months) where personality abounds, but my subjects usually can't escape me! She was a little inquisitive, but luckily grandma was there... Teagan found her to be hilarious!




I never tire of capturing the sweetness of a baby girl! Thanks for letting me into your lives to meet these lovely ladies!