a stylish trio / by Ashley Brown

The number one question that clients ask me before their session is "what do we wear?" The age old question! I really don't think there is a right or wrong answer (I mean, you want to dress your kids and your family like they normally do, right?) but there definitely are some pointers that I give to help with styling for your session. Here's one excellent example... the H. family, who I photographed just last week. I love how casual but timeless their outfits are. I always tell my families... if you don't match every day, now is not the time to start! Their coordinating colors flow beautifully together. I also love how they threw in a pattern (incorporating the colors) on Thomas.


Fashion advice aside, I had such a blast working with this family. Their three little ones had such spunky and vibrant personalities. The oldest, Chloe, was so articulate and smart... it blew me away!


One of my "to go" spots when photographing at a client's home is the kids' bedrooms. I love how you can get such a feel for their personality, and its such a great way to commemorate who they are at this age.


Darling little Camilla...


Want to know how else these three stole my heart? Their session was on my birthday, and when I arrived, I was greeted with song, a card, a sunvisor and a delicious playdough cake (complete with crayon candle).


Thanks, H. family, for a wonderful morning... I couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday!