Summer Stimulus Promotion! / by Ashley Brown

Ahh, the economy. It seems like all the media talks about nowadays is slumps and gas prices. Good thing Uncle Sam came up with the idea of the economic stimulus check and give us a nice boost! The first round of checks are starting to hit the bank accounts, and the question is... how should you spend this nice chunk of change? How about a spring or summer session with ABP? It's easy to overlook the many spots around the Capital Region that are perfect for portraits... gorgeous local and state parks, tons of really cool "urban" spots (Saratoga or the State Plaza, anyone?) and plenty of interesting historical areas. The possibilities are endless, and these warm months are a great time to take advantage of them.

Book a summer session with ABP in the next two weeks and receive 1/2 off your session fee and a limited edition 10x10 collage!


Your session can be booked for anytime between June 1 and August 31st... now is a great time to do so, as summer portrait sessions are very popular! I am excited to offer a complimentary 10x10, 12 image collage with this promotion. It is a stunning and modern way to display multiple images from your session. They look great framed or displayed frameless on an easel, mantle or shelf... very clean and contemporary!

Contact me between now and May 24th to reserve your spot... sessions are filling very quickly!