snips and snails - albany, ny photographer / by Ashley Brown

This was a long awaited session. Oldest brother B. had gotten a whopper of a black eye, then the weather wasn't cooperating... you know how that all goes. When I finally got to meet these boys last week, it was sooo worth the wait! B. had such a magnetic personality. I could have sat with him all day talking about bugs and hearing his made up words and stories! And J. is a magical age... almost 9 months... which translates into sitting confidently, not yet able to escape me, and FULL of smiles! The whole family was just sweet and loving and fun to work with. Meet J...


And B...


And the money shot... two happy, smiling boys under the age of 3, sitting in the same frame!


I've got so many great shots (our mini session morphed into an hour... it was too much fun!), but as always, I've got to leave some gems for the slideshow. It was so great to meet you, Z. family!