scheduling & hidden treasures / by Ashley Brown

Just wanted to give a quick scheduling update, as summer is rapidly approaching and things are filling up MUCH quicker than they have in past years! signature sessions

If you are interested in booking a signature session at a destination (anywhere beyond 45 miles of Albany, including Lake George/Bolton Landing), anytime between now and the beginning of September, it is very important that you book now. We are very limited on dates remaining. For local signature sessions, we have a very small number of weekend dates, as well as weekday dates, available. Be sure to get in touch as soon as possible to reserve your date, as I shoot a limited number of signature sessions per month.

short&sweet sessions

There are short&sweet sessions available starting in late June. Contact us for location details and to reserve your date.

I also wanted to touch on something I hear a lot from clients... that their yard/home isn't picture perfect, or that their session must take place at one of the big local parks. Now don't get me wrong, many of the local sites are wonderful, and I use them frequently. But, they can get crowded, and some clients want something a bit more unique. It's amazing how little nooks you'd never think of can lend themselves to the most beautiful portraits. Here's an example of a spot I drive by almost every day. It is breathtaking... stone walls, crawling ivy, lush, deep greens... literally a photographer's dream. (Disclaimer: these are cell phone shots!)


Pretty awesome, right? It looks like it could be on a historic farm or at the edge of a forest. Wrong!


It is actually on the side of the road at a busy intersection. Now, I wouldn't necessarily bring clients here (same goes to the gorgeous field of purple flowers in the middle of the Northway :)), but it goes to show that some of the most photogenic locations can be right under your nose. When your book your session, we'll chat and I'll share some of my favorite spots, both well known and my "hidden treasures".

P.S. First person to comment and tell me exactly where these images were taken (and what property it borders) gets a $50 gift card. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out! Hooray, Katie! She was correct in that it is at the corner of Union & Balltown in Niskayuna, and the wall borders Mohawk Golf Club. Katie, I'll shoot you an email!