saratoga mamas (& kiddos!) / by Ashley Brown

Have you ever heard of Saratoga Mama? When I first came across them, I immediately thought... what a brilliant idea. This blurb on their website puts their mission perfectly:

Saratoga Mama is an organization formed by two working moms and life long Capital Region residents. We are always searching for things to do with our children (and without) and ways to get a much deserved night out with friends who have similar interests. Formed with those missions in mind we brought together our love for being mothers, for socializing, shopping, and being creative. We are excited to meet many new friends and their children and to work with businesses in Saratoga County to bring our community of hard working moms together.

Just because you are a mom who lives in a historic city doesn't mean that your social life has to be history! (Ashley's note: LOVE this!)

In addition to their mom's night out events and kid get together, Saratoga Mama also offers a really neat token program, in which members can purchase tokens that allow them a discount at businesses all over Saratoga County (and yes, ABP will soon be one of them... it's in the works!)

I met up with founders Lizzie Sorensen and Elizabeth Russell for a session with their adorable kids. I loved working with Lizzie & Elizabeth... not only because their kids were so darn cute, but I could totally relate with them, being as we are all women entrepreneurs. I'm very excited to be teaming up for them for an event for their members in July!

Here's Elizabeth's adorable little blonde, A...


Love the outfit... it reminds me of the smocking that photographer's down south see all the time!



And Lizzie's equally stylish sweethearts, R. and E....




And of course, the beautiful mamas themselves!


So if you are looking for things to do (with and without the kids), definitely check them out! So great to meet you ladies, and I've very excited for our event in July!