samuel, 14 days / by Ashley Brown

Newborns are inherently perfect... that is why I photograph them as simply as possible. The sweet details stand beautifully on their own. A soft, neutral backdrop so that the eye falls right on the delicate features... a timeless black and white image of baby in mama's hands... it doesn't get much better than that. Samuel was a spitfire, and wanted to work on his schedule. He knew that the baby rules the roost. :) Despite not wanting to miss out on the party, we were able to capture some beautiful images. I could have fawned over those squishy lips for days!





P.S. Newborn photography has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years, as more parents decide to have the first few days of their baby's life forever captured (and a great decision that is, indeed!) It's even been featured on several national news programs lately. While it is wonderful that the field is growing, there have been some unfortunate instances (not locally) when a newborn's safety and comfort have been compromised. Please be sure, when hiring a photographer to photograph your precious baby, that safety is their number one priority, they carry an appropriate amount of insurance, and that any "risky" shots are composite images. Your newborn is only brand new one time, so be sure to make every sweet detail last!