play ball / by Ashley Brown

As you can tell by looking at my recent work, the bulk of the families I work with have children elementary aged and younger. While I LOVE my babies and toddlers, it's so great when I get to photograph an older kid. It's easier (no chasing, dancing and singing involved), plus it's nice to be able to hold a conversation! I remember preteen days very vividly. When I met N., I was blown away by how mature, sweet and non-preeteen-ish he was. He greeted me with a huge smile and a handshake and was more than willing to do whatever I asked. I really could have hung out with him all day!

N., his mom and I headed down to the state plaza for our session. These images are a very special Father's Day gift for N.'s much loved dad. He happens to be battling cancer right now, and it warms me heart and soul to know that he is doing so with an amazing wife and son by his side! Please, blog readers, say a prayer or put into your thoughts this fabulous family.




I love this shot... more than words can express!