our newborn philosophy / by Ashley Brown

Newborns may be our tiniest subjects, but make up such a large part of what we do. Since I first opened up shop in 2007, newborn photography has exploded in popularity. More and more parents have come to appreciate and seek out images of their baby when they are brand new... the sweet, tiny features, and the blossoming of a bond between baby, parents and siblings. Because there are so many styles of newborn portraiture to choose from, we wanted to share some images that really capture our philosophy on photographing now only babies, but children and families in general (disclaimer: this is our personal artistic perspective, and we have the utmost respect and love for many different styles of portraiture!). No matter what style you choose, newborn portraits are among the most precious as you are capturing such a finite window of time. I like to think that our work can be summed up as simple, classic and clean with some modern twists. This is especially true with newborns, the teeniest of subjects who need little embellishment. Simply put, we steer away from an abundance of props, backdrops and twisty pretzel poses in favor of natural, classic and beautifully simply images. This lifestyle approach allows us to truly focus on the baby as an individual, and not just as a vehicle for loads of cute accessories. An added bonus to this approach is that baby doesn't need to be quite so young, so the session can take place anytime over the first 3 weeks or so.

While we aren't “prop” photographer as a whole, we do feel that simple additions, like a bonnet, a blanket, etc. can really add something unique to an image. If your newborn session takes place at the studio, we have a handful of items (like a cream settee, a bed with a white duvet, etc.) to utilize. When props are used, we are a believer in using the family’s own items. Think a blanket that grandma knitted, one of baby’s own adorable hats or booties, an heirloom cradle, a basket or piece of furniture in the home, or any other items with sentimental value. Custom photography is about making the session represent your family (or in this case, your brand new baby). Incorporating the home (especially baby’s nursery!) and personal, meaningful items results in images that are truly unique and far from mass-market. However, we like to remind clients that you do NOT need to live in a showcase home. I have never met a home that didn’t have a few perfect nooks and crannies. And of course, if you'd rather not shoot at home, our natural light studio in Saratoga provides a perfect neutral backdrop for newborn sessions.

It is never a "requirement" for the family to participate in the session, but some of our favorite images are those where baby is snuggled on mom or dad's chest, or show the look of wonderment in a sibling's eyes as they hold their baby brother or sister, or the whole family (four legged members included!) piled on the bed. One of the very best things about working with a professional photographer is that Kristen and I have years of experience posing postpartum moms and working with big brothers and sisters who may not be overly fond of their new sibling yet. Working with small children... especially the brand new ones... sometimes requires us to come back for a second shot to round out your images. Knowing that its never a "one and done" scenario, and that we are dedicated to providing you with images you are 100% thrilled with, really takes the pressure off.

Above all, there is no better way to showcase our style and philosophy than with images... so enjoy these sweet, brand new faces!