one little, two little, three little super fast one year olds! / by Ashley Brown

Like most photographers, I LOVE working with multiples. It is such a fun and interesting dynamic to capture, and most of the time, a welcome challenge. Mama C. recently contacted me about doing a session with her 3-year old and 14 month old triplets. Now, I consider myself a pretty seasoned photographer. I have worked with many, many toddlers and tricky 1-year olds. But I must admit, hearing those ages (and the sheer number of them!) definitely made me a liiiittle bit nervous. The session was quite active... not gonna lie!... but I was so happy with the wonderful shots we captured. The triplets were very interested in me and my camera, so it wasn't too tough to get their attention. I must say though, I give MAJOR credit to their mama. She is one busy, busy lady!!

Meet big sister, A., who has adapted to her role quite swimmingly...


And the babies. M...




And the pretty little girl, N...


How do you get four under four to sit on a bench, you ask? A mom, a photographer, two very kind and patient neighbors, a little bit of luck, and whole lot of hootin' and hollerin'!


And just one more, because it makes me laugh!


It was lovely working with you, C. family! I can't wait to watch your trio grow (and their big sis, of course!) Thanks for the fun morning, and for the workout!