one last hurrah / by Ashley Brown

So I'm a few days behind on blogging... ahh! But with good reason. Jillian and I have been on overdrive getting ready for Mom's Night Out this Tuesday. I am so excited and can't wait to see my clients, some new faces, and have a good time. Jillian (who has been in charge of the goody bags) informed me today that each bag has over $200 of coupons and gift certificates. Awesome! Anyway, I had what is (sadly) most likely the last beach session of the year. Who knows though... I'm sure Grafton and Lake George are gorgeous in the fall, so I might be back. We went out with a bang with the adorable and well dressed Katie and Jack.

Katie was a typical girl, delicately playing in the sand in her beautiful dress. Both she and Jack have GORGEOUS ice blue eyes.


Jack, on the other hand, is alllll boy. Upon seeing the water, he immediately ran and jumped in, clothes and all. He is fast, but so darn cute.


Like I said... the eyes are incredible!


Katie & Jack's mom really wanted a great shot of the two of them together for the Christmas card. Done and done. All it took were some lion roars from myself and their mama!


Thanks, D. family, for a wonderful last summer beach session!