on the brink / by Ashley Brown

Most of the kiddos I work with are pretty young... usually 6, 7 at the oldest. So, when I get to work with an older kid, it's a whole different ballgame, and one that I enjoy. The dynamics are just totally different. I loved getting to talk to Theo about all things that are on the mind of a 9 year old boy... what he wish he could watch, but he's still a little too young (Family Guy, the Halloween movies), sports (of course), his favorite place to eat (Dave & Busters) and what he gets from Coldstone (chocolate, no mix-ins, which is just plain crazy). The thing I like most about kids of this age is how they can be so serious one second...


And full of giggles one Simpson's joke later...



Theo even obliged to a couple shots with his beautiful mom. Moms hold all of the power, I reminded him, and he has MORE than happy to snuggle in for a few great images.


Thanks, Sue and Theo, for braving the crazy wind for our session. It was a ton of fun! Hope you got home in time for Simpsons. :)