Location, Location, Location v.1: Downtown / by Ashley Brown

By far, my favorite place to begin a shoot is at my client's home. Your home is so uniquely you, and lends a personal and candid feel to your images. It's also a great place to warm up to smaller children and capture lifestyle photos. I always stress the importance of a fun second location to my clients. Although the backdrop itself pales in comparison to the subject, shooting at a great location can add interest and uniqueness to your images. I'll be making a few "Location, Location, Location" posts to help get your gears turning about seeking out and exploring local spots Downtown

Downtown, "urban" locations are by far one of my favorite settings to shoot in! Interest, texture, color, space... the list goes on and own. Downtown locations offer limitless possibilities for your portraits, from green space, to old brick and stone, to modern steel and sculpture. Surprisingly enough, venturing to a downtown spot rarely crosses many clients' minds... but it should! They are many safe, easily accessible and historical locations throughout the Capital District. Some of my favorites include (but are not limited to!)...

  • The State Plaza (Albany)
  • Lark Street (Albany)
  • Broadway (Saratoga)
  • State Street/Proctor's (Schenectady)

Here are some examples of the fantastic images that downtown locations can produce.








Don't forget to consider some of these hidden gems for your session, especially if you are looking to capture some neat, contemporary and editorial style images... not to mention a break from the standard portraits in the park!