lazy days of summer / by Ashley Brown

Have I ever mentioned my assistant, Jillian, here on the blog? J. is a client-turned-employee of mine, which is an arrangement that I think is simply perfect. She is a huge evangelist of me and my work, and helps me out every week with marketing and odds and ends. She has been absolutely invaluable as ABP constantly grows! So please, meet my right hand woman, and her two adorable kiddos.


Sweet Bella...


And handsome little Ryan (who is enjoying a sweet treat in this shot... it was a brutally hot afternoon!)


Love, love, love this shot. If only every pair of siblings would be so willing to do this!


I'm sure you will be hearing much more about Jillian as time progresses... she keeps me running smoothly! And if you are attending the Mom's Night Out event, you'll get to meet her in person. Speaking of which, we are pretty much full to capacity (wow!!) but can probably squeeze in one or two more sets. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to RSVP!! It's going to be fantastic (especially the food... I have the best caterer in the world... or at least in Albany!)