nautical / by Ashley Brown

What a fun session this was. The O. family has a BEAUTIFUL summer home on Sagamore Island, complete with a boat house, sprawling lawn and lakefront. Mom wanted some shots of her boisterous boys in Grandpa's vintage 1918 boats. Talk about a cool prop! Her desire was for images straight out of a Ralph Lauren catalog, and I think we came pretty darn close. I love Will and Wes' long hair and clothing. Totally timeless! Super handsome big brother Will, who I'm pretty sure is going to be beating the girls off with the stick someday!



And adorable little brother, Wes. The blond hair, the socks, the shoes... just killed me!



This was another one of those rescheduled-a-million-times-due-to-rain sessions, so I'm so glad we ended up with a brilliantly sunny, early fall day. Thanks, O. family. It was a pleasure!