It's like Christmas! / by Ashley Brown

I am SO excited about these two fantastic new products that I'm adding to the ABP line up. As soon as I came across this vendor, I had an "A-HA!" moment. I'd been looking for the perfect album that was fresh, simple, contemporary and fit my style and the decor of my clients' homes. I also was desperate for a product that would showcase a session's worth of images beautifully. My samples just arrived today and needless to say, I couldn't wait to show them off!

My clients love that one of my collections includes a Session Box, which allows them to own every single image from their session in a loose, 5x7 format. Now these images will be nestled inside a gorgeous, custom box with an image from your session on the cover.


The child(ren)'s name and date on the spine of the box is a perfect touch. A fellow photographer said her clients love lining up the boxes from each session on a shelf... a great alternative to the traditional album and a way to archive your images.


The brand new Session Albums are simply exquisite. They are 9x9 in size with endless cover options to fit every taste and decor (you won't want to hide these albums away in a storage container... the coffee table is a better place!) They contain 20 of your favorite images from your session on thick matted pages.



And um... I wasn't joking about the many cover options. This company offers everything under the sun... from luxurious leather and patterns, to contemporary metals, to bright and fun suedes and linens.


I can't wait for my clients to get to see and feel these products... they truly encompass the kind of quality and style that I like to offer. Hope you enjoyed the preview!