Introducing mini sessions! / by Ashley Brown

As I meet more and more families each month, I have come to the realization that many people are not familiar with custom photography... the structure, the pricing or the benefits. Many families have only ever used chain store portrait studios and have yet to experience the many things that a custom portrait sesson can offer. I also have valued clients who love my work and don't want to return to the traditional chain studio, (how flattering to me!) but don't always have a need for a full in-home session.What do these two clients have in common? They are the reason I have decided to add mini sessions to my repetoire. Who: New or former clients. These are exlusive sessions and only a limited number of spots are available.

What: Mini sessions are just that... a smaller version of my custom portrait sessions, lasting 30 minutes and resulting in a slideshow with 10-12 images.

Where: Mini sessions will be held once a month at one of my favorite locations (i.e. a local park, historical or urban area).

When: The date and location of upcoming mini sessions will be posted on my website, under the "News" category.

Why: To add another facet to Ashley Brown Photography and introduce more local families to custom photography.

Check out or contact me for more information. And because this blog hasn't yet been christened with an image, here's one to brighten the post. Little K from a recent session. I love how her baby brother is out of focus in the foreground.