introducing greta elizabeth / by Ashley Brown

I've written so many "welcome to the world" posts on the blog that it seems surreal to be writing one to introduce my own little one! As many of your know, Greta Elizabeth made an early entrance (7 weeks!) on December 20th at 2:06 PM via scheduled c-section. We were prepared to have a preemie based on the complications of this pregnancy, but I don't think you are ever truly ready for such a thing. She weighed 4 lbs, 12 oz and was 17 inches long. We are so happy to report that she is doing well and making progress every day, and is very on par with a typical 33 week preemie. She is in the NICU at Albany Medical Center, which is far and away the best place for her to be. The doctors, nurses and support staff are phenomenal and have made it as easy as possible for us to leave her (as easy as that possibly can be!) We know she is in the best of care. She no longer is requiring oxygen and is a champ when it comes to eating. She is termed a "feeder and grower", which means that she just needs help gaining weight and eating before she'll get to come home. We're hoping it won't be more than a week or two additional. It's been hard having her in the hospital, but we visit all the time and knowing she is doing so well is a huge reassurance. Both daddy and I love "kangaroo care", where we get to hold her skin to skin on our chest. I'm loving every moment of getting to know her, and can't wait for our family to be complete at home.

Thank you so much for all of the unwavering support throughout my pregnancy, and for all of your kind words, prayers and thoughts over the last week. Please continue to send good vibes for a healthy and strong Greta! I love connecting with NICU "graduate" parents, so if you were ever in those shoes (and I know several of my clients who have been), please let me know! Words of wisdom are so appreciated.

And now, for the best part! I selfishly can't wait to get her home to start photographing her, but these will do. Photo credit goes to daddy and the fantastic March of Dimes Family Support Coordinator!





I hope that everyone had a happy, safe and fun holiday!