horsing around - nassau, ny photographer / by Ashley Brown

I don't advertise for high school seniors (the little ones I photography keep me busy enough!), and consequently don't photograph too many of them. However I do, on occasion, get an inquiry or a referral and I really enjoy it. It's nice to photograph an older subject who to whom you don't have to sing/dance/perform to get a great shot! When K.'s mom contacted me wanting shots of K. with her horse, I all but jumped at the chance to photograph her. As a former rider and horse owner myself, I couldn't wait.

K.'s family lived on a BEAUTIFUL property and I just had a ball. It was wonderful photographing the bond she had with her horse, Bart, who unfortunately she is selling when she goes off to college (pre-med!) She was so sweet, easy going and an absolute pleasure to spend time with.

It's absolutely impossible for me to narrow down my favorites, but here is a taste...





I couldn't leave without photographing her equally as sweet siblings and the entire gorgeous family as well!williams47.jpg

Thanks so much for a fun afternoon, W. family, and braving the SCORCHING heat!! Totally worth it.