Hodgepodge / by Ashley Brown

Maybe I'm just lucky, but I like to think that babies just love me and are happy as clams when I am around (I can dream, right?) This was my second time photographing I. and boy, this girl does NOT take a bad picture. She is just one happy go lucky girl. Our session was one I've ever had at Henry Hudson Park down in Selkirk. Great location, right on the edge of the Hudson... and it was totally empty, which is nice. Some of the local parks get really packed on the weekends.

Check out this gorgeous grin...



As much as I love me some babies, I really enjoy working with kids that are post-toddlerhood. I get a chance to interact with them and challenge myself to capture their personalities on camera. The S. family had two kids in this age range as well as one sweet baby girl. We had their session at their grandmother's gorgeous old home. The light and decor was perfect. Rumor had it that brother M. was shy and did NOT enjoy getting his picture taken. Well, I think we dispelled that rumor!!




On Monday, the perfect cherry on top of my weekend, I got to meet baby E., who first starred in one of my favorite maternity sessions. Well, here's the before...


...and the after.


I don't know about you, but I have a hard time believing that almost 9 pounds of baby goodness came from that super skinny mama. I love seeing dads in the process of falling in love with their baby girls. I don't think anything beats that.