hello from nashville / by Ashley Brown

I'm down south for Imaging USA, which is PPA's (Professional Photographers of America) annual conference. This is my first year after three years in business, and I am kicking myself for not coming earlier. For the past three days I've been in classes all day with some of the industry's leading photographers, and the amount of knowledge being shared is incredible. And then there is the trade show... I've been getting a sneak peek at tons of products and trying reeeeally hard not to buy too much (trying out awesome lenses at Canon and not buying any is painful!) I can't wait to apply all that I've learned this year. If you haven't been to Opryland, I really recommend it. This place is amazing! The downside? It is freezing down here. When I arrived in Nashville, it was colder than Albany. Something is wrong with that picture...! I'll be back in town tomorrow night, and will be posting about a FANTASTIC portrait event coming up at Paper Dolls in Saratoga. I am getting so antsy to share the details, so check back!