Happy Halloween! / by Ashley Brown

Look at this HAIR! A. had the thickest, most gorgeous black hair. She was teeny tiny when she was born but has quickly put on wait. I sense a roly-poly baby in the making. I really enjoyed working with A.'s parents at their maternity session, so it was a pleasure to get to do so again this morning. It sounds sappy, but I feel so honored when new parents let me in to their lives to photograph their baby. Newborn sessions are a very personal, labor intensive experience and I love every moment of them.

Here's the two first shots I pulled off my memory card of A. That hair, those eyelashes... I can see why her mom and dad are so smitten.



You might notice that I show a lot of newborn shots on my blog in black and white. While I show the parents both version, 9 times out of 10 I adore newborn shots in black and white... it captures the depth and shadows and all of those little details perfectly.

I hope that everyone has a very safe and happy Halloween! Enjoy trick-or-treating, and make sure you get some good candy!