happy birthday, avery! / by Ashley Brown

I first met Avery when she was a 9.5 pound newborn last August. It sounds so silly, but I get so excited when I get to see my newborns a year later. I always wait with bated breath for them to get out of the car, and get so much pleasure out of seeing how much they've changed, yet stayed the same. Avery retained her chubby cheeks, but is now a running, bubbly one year old. We met up on her birthday (how cool is that!) at the Hall of Springs, where her mom and dad got married. I was completely and totally smitten by this little girl. She had the sweetest, most happy personality... it was a challenge to get her to stop smiling and laughing. We were able to do THREE outfit changes (usually unheard of with one year olds) and she sailed through the session like a seasoned pro. I had so much fun with her and am so pleased with how her huge personality shines through in these images.

It's nearly impossible to narrow down my favorite, but here are a few...






S. family, thank you for the pleasure of spending a morning with your wonderful little girl. She has inherited the finest of qualities from her parents!