Halfway through... / by Ashley Brown

On Sunday I got to see T., who is one of my "Growing Plan"-ers and the son of a former coworker. I am always so excited to see my first year babies, because it's crazy to see how much they grow between their three sessions and be able to capture each stage. I haven't seen T. since he was a newborn, so his "halfway" session at the Museum of Dance (where his parents got married) was a lot of fun for me. I had never shot at the Museum before, but have been wanting to. Definitely a great spot with a lot of interest.

How sweet is he with the fuzzy hair?


And an adorable shot with mom and dad. See the resemblance? I think he's a perfect mix of the both of them.


Next time I see T. it will be to commemorate his first birthday! Then the fun begins... getting to design a gorgeous custom hardcover book with the images from all three sessions. Seriously? Those books are awesome. What better way to celebrate babies' first year? See you in another 6 months, N. family!