giving back--supporting the unknown / by Ashley Brown

Thomas Patrick Morrison was just three months old when he earned his wings. Unknown to his parents, Tim and Carmelina, and to his doctors, Tommy had a mitochondrial disorder, mpv-17 deletion--only diagnosed nearly five months after his death. Not understanding why, and with no explanation, the Morrison's spent weeks and months in emotional and physical turmoil--simply searching for answers to their unrelenting question--what caused their son's death, just shy of his 3-month-old milestone in life? Although they eventually found their answers, their journey through the unknown left a lasting impression on them--afterall, they would sadly not be the last family to struggle with unanswered questions during associated with caring for a child with a rare or unknown condition.

Through their grief, they founded the Thomas Patrick Morrison Foundation--committing themselves to helping others deal with the rare diseases, disorders, or conditions. The Foundation also seeks to raise awareness of mitochondrial disorders and other rare conditions through education and outreach. Through contributions and support from donors, Tommy's love leaves a legacy for all of the children and families that benefit from the work of his Foundation.

This month, we are happy to have the Thomas Patrick Morrison Foundation as our August recipient. Thanks to those who nominated such a worthy cause.

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