giving back--live united. / by Ashley Brown

It is the single mother who desperately wants to get off welfare to provide a better life for her children - a teen who needs a safe and constructive place to go after school - an elderly man with a vision impairment who recently lost his wife and needs assistance with daily living - a family of four whose possessions were destroyed in a fire- a homeless man who hasn't eaten in two days - a woman and her children in need of shelter to escape being beaten and verbally abused... Its the United Way of the Greater Capital Region which helps each of these individuals and many more--and is the recipient of our monthly charitable contribution for May.

The United Way improves lives and community conditions across the Greater Capital Region by investing in programs and leading initiatives that bring partners together around issues that are best addressed collectively. Their work is based on the belief that together, united, we achieve far more than any single person or agency could alone.

We are happy live united, and to support an organization whose reach is so far, so deep, and so impressive throughout our community.

Note: ABP’s monthly charitable contributions are based on the proceeds from prints, products and sessions. Any session booked with a deposit received will be applicable to that month’s charitable organization, though the session may be held in the proceeding month.