gianna, 14 days / by Ashley Brown

This beautiful lady was born into a world full of love. Seriously. Her parents are complete naturals at the parenting game already, and are entirely smitten by the little love that is Gia. And her grandparents? Way over the moon. There is nothing I enjoy more than photographing a brand new person, and the people who instantaneously fell in love with them. My favorite. She curled up her hands like this on her own. A natural poser, already!



This one makes me a little choked up (I admit it!) because I am a firm believer that nothing brings a man to his knees more than his new daughter.



I can't wait to see Gia grow. I have a feeling that she is going to be one gorgeous, well dressed and much loved little girl. Thanks, guys, for letting me photograph your sweet baby... both in utero and out!